Welcome to Kempton Grain and Supply, a family owned and operated business merchandising high quality farm equipment. We are centrally located about 45 miles north of Indianapolis right off state road 28 in the town of Kempton, Indiana. We are only a short drive away from Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Michigan.

We specialize in having a knowledgeable staff and quality equipment at affordable prices to ensure each customer receives all the product and information they need to succeed. We understand production agriculture and work hard every day just like our customer, thus they can have the upmost confidence and security with our equipment.

As grain farmers we practice conservation strip-till management practices and would love to consult with you on your operation and see how we can help you. We have a wide array of tools from Rite-Way land rollers to Montag steerable fertilizer carts.

Kempton Grain and Supply strives to offer its customers the best products and programs available to 21st century production agriculture, and we look forward to working with you.

Featured Equipment:

  • Hiniker 1540 field cultivator

    Price: $2200.00
  • straddle tires 15.5x25L, 18.00x25

    Price: $1750.00
  • Case/IH 60 ME mower deck

    Price: $375.00
  • 1997 Tipper Trailer

    Price: $15900

We carry new equipment from:

Kempton Grain and Supply • PO Box 28 / 202 E Colonial Street • Kempton , IN 46049 • 765-776-7167 • mark@kemptongrain.com

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